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2 Trojan Company trucks burnt on Juba-Mundri road

Noah Issa Philip, Mundri

At least 2 people have been killed and numerous others injured and kidnapped on the Juba-Mundri road at a round 6am yesterday morning, Mundri West police have confirmed.

Speaking to press in the area, local law enforcement have reported that the 2 trucks were fired on and attacked along the road. 1 suspect was killed instantly and the other died at Lui hospital, said Lt. Double Seven from the Mundri West county police.

'In fact the two trucks were burnt and two people have been killed and this incident happened in Mundri East county, in a place called Witto, 3 kilometers away from Jambo', he stated.

The Lieutenant has emphasised the need to deploy security forces along the road to guarantee the safety of travellers and their vehicles.

The truck, owned by Trojan, burnt out on the roadside.

The Country Commissioner for Mundri East has also acknowledged the incident, calling on all armed groups along the road to respect the peace agreement.

'My message goes to people holding guns in their hands, all the parties have signed the agreement and I therefore condemn the road ambushes in strongest term possible because we are now in peace and we need to respect the peace agreement', she asserted.

She further urged all signatories of the peace agreement to unite and work together for peace.

'As County Commissioner of Mundri East county and on behalf of Mundri East county communities, we wanted to work for peace and we do not want war in Mundri East county and we wanted to implement the peace agreement'.

In an interview with press yesterday, Captain Morris Ngor of the South Sudan People's Defence Force in Witto payam, Mundri East, has suggested the attack was led by forces loyal to NAS leader Thomas Cirilo.

'These people are not known but these could be the National Salvation Front or NSA forces and they wanted close the roads leading to Juba because they have started burning the cars and trucks on Juba-Yei road, Juba - Nimule roads', he reported.

This is not the first incident of violence along Mundri's road network in recent weeks,

Last Sunday, a number of civilians were beaten and attacked at the roadside in Witto payam.

'At around 10 pm on Sunday night, civilians living in Witto payam were beaten and when I sent the soldiers there this morning, the civilians were dispersed and chosen away from nearby road sides to an unknown location'.

With vehicle attacks on the rise across the country, many foreign trucks have been suspended from entering South Sudan pending an improvement in the security situation.

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