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2021 Population Estimation Survey launches in Juba


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has announced the launch of the 2021 South Sudan Population Estimation survey, an attempt to tally the number of citizens in South Sudan.

The last major population and household census was undertaken in 2008, before independence. Given the substantial demographic change that has occurred since then, the NBS hope the upcoming survey will give more accurate results.

Speeches occurring at the launch of the survey, Juba.

It is reported that the survey will look to take into account the effects of internal and external displacement, conflict in 2013 and 2016, and the demographic response to the R-ARCSS. It will be conducted in collaboration with partners including the United Nations Population Fund and GRID3.

A ceremony has been launched today, 8 April 2021, at the Palm Africa Hotel in Juba. Speeches will be heard from a number of key figures including Urban Sjostrom, Swedish Head of Mission, Jamal Arafat, UN Resident Coordinator, and Isaiah Chol, Chairman of the National Bureau of Statistics.

Discussion at the ceremony has centred around the methodology of the survey, the utility of a population record and how South Sudanese institutions can benefit from tangible civic data.

Speaking to attendees at the launch, Vice-President Wani Igga noted that the obstacles presented by insufficient data in any attempt at evidence based planning, and thanked the participants for their support.

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