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42 Pibor kidnapped children to be reunited with families


Joshua Konyi, Chief Administrator of the Greater Pibor Area, has announced plans to reunite a 42 children in Pibor abducted from Jonglei state with their families and relatives.

The youngest child is reportedly a few months old, whilst the oldest is a mother of 4 children who was kidnapped a number of years ago.

The children have been taken from Nuer, Dinka, Aynuak and Ethiopian communities across the country.

Joshua Konyi, Chief Administrator of the Pibor Area, speaking earlier this month.

Konyi's attempts to help the children and their families comes after his remarks following the 3-day Murle community peace in February, where he vowed to restore peace and stability to the region.

'We resolved that we return all the Dinka Bor and Nuer children abducted by our people and we also want our children returned by the Dinka and Nuer. We also agreed to control the movement of our youth to neighboring communities', Konyi said.

Although less frequent since the end of conflict last year, child kidnapping remain a significant human rights issue in South Sudan.

The recent abductions form a part of a wider trend of violence in the Pibor region. A UN report published earlier this month estimates Pibor has seen 686 women and children abducted and at least 39 women were raped over the past year.

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