• Alhadi Hawari

50 dead in Terekeka clashes, Bishop reports

Alhadi Hawari, Equatoria

Following weeks of ongoing communal violence in and around Terekeka County, it has been reported that up to 50 people have been killed.

'We still searching –in the bushes –for other people who were wounded during the clashes', wrote Rev. Paul Modi, Bishop of the Terekeka Episcopal church.

The news comes after Bishop Garang Aciek Ayuel of the Terekaka Pentecostal church was killed earlier this week. He was reportedly seized and murdered in the Ardep area by a number of armed assailants.

Approximately a dozen people have also been reported as dead in Lainya County following heated cattle related violence.

Bishop Modi said that around 50 dead bodies had been recovered over the last four days.

'The general situation in the other areas of Terekeka, Sermony is not normal, because three days ago you may have witnessed fighting happening in those areas' Bishop Modi noted.

Locals in Terekeka and its surrounding regions note the heightened tension amongst citizens and pastoralists alike.

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