• Merio Jimmy

Ambassador queries treatment of South Sudanese in Egypt

Updated: May 7, 2021

Merio Jimmy, Juba

The South Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt, Joseph Moum Majak Ngor Malok, has published a letter sent to the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs addressing recent incidents of violence against citizens living in the country.

The Ambassador's letter addresses a highly publicised video circulated on social media last week, showing a South Sudanese teenage refugee being beaten, verbally abused and forced to wash dishes whilst his genitals were exposed to an open flame in Cairo.

Attacks on South Sudanese living in Egypt are not a new phenomenon, with a number of attacks being reported in recent years. A recent petition circulated online suggested that 200 South Sudanese citizens are currently imprisoned in the country.

Presidents Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Kiir in a 2019 visit to Cairo

In his letter to the Under-Secretary, Ambassador Ngor Malok has emphasised his commitment to care of all South Sudanese living in Egypt.

'As you know, Hon. Minister, the Embassy always seeking to help all the members of our Community whether they are holders of South Sudanese passports or UNHCR Cards. As soon as I heard and watched that video Clip I engaged and intensified my contacts with the competent authorities in order to grant the safety of Akok Kuol and his Family', the Ambassador wrote.

The Egyptian Ambassador in Juba has also offered a statement on the video.

'The embassy affirms its total rejection of such inappropriate behavior, which does not distinguish between an Egyptian and a South Sudanese, whether these actions are in Egypt or in South Sudan', the Egyptian embassy tweeted.

Ending his letter, Ngor Malok noted that such attacks have become more frequent at all levels of Egyptian society - allegedly connected to economic hardship - and are not necessarily isolated to South Sudanese in the country.

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