• Alhadi Hawari

Army officer and activist killed in Malakal town

Alhadi Hawari, Malakal

In a growing pattern of violence from Malakal, two prominent figures have been killed by unidentified gunmen.

The victims have been identified as SSPDF Brigadier General Arop Okew and local peace activist Juliano Ambrose. Their family members report both men were shot whilst returning home from the market.

They were reportedly killed around the Children’s Village near Malakal stadium on Wednesday evening. This was also the location where a number of chiefs were assaulted last month.

Speaking to Eye Radio, a member of the general’s family said that both men “were going to their home when they were attacked and killed by unknown people at around 7:30PM”.

Brigadier General Arop Okew was 54, and a serving officer in the SSPDF. The second victim, Juliano Ambrose, is reported to have engaged in integrating refugees in Maban and encouraging peaceful dialogue between communities in Kodok and Fashoda.

The Bishop of the Catholic Church of Malakal, Dr. Stephen Nyodho, has condemned the killings.

“What has happened is wrong; it should have not taken place [at the time] when people are preaching peace, reconciliation and love,” Dr Nyodho told Eye Radio. “As the bishop of the place, I condemned what is taking place.”

No arrests have yet been made over these killings, nor the assaults last month or assassinations in July.

State authorities and the police have not responded to requests for comment.

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