• Zachary AJ, aka Mr Freezy

Bor Lives Matter! #BLM

Zachary Ajïth aka Mr. Freezy, Juba

Evoking the spirit of struggle and liberation, Zachary AJ uses poetry to call for the rights of Bor's citizens.

Bor Lives Matter!!!

Bor Lives Matter, get it clear today,

This is a thing I always wanted to say,

Waters running through the so-called Marol Market!?

Bor community eggs are poorly trayed,

Hai-Machuor is flooded, we only have spades,

Bor community youths formed poor brigades,

Hope we had the power to start construction straight,

A lot of fake projects from humanitarian aids,

Community fundraising is regularly made,

When it comes to money, big boys overplay,

Making lips services and plannings delay,

Roads are still rivers, the dyke is not repaired,

Rain is soon falling, damn! Time don't wait,

Our leaders promised, they'd catch grenades,

That they'd do anything for our dear Jonglei,

Why lies?

Bor Lives Matter!!!

Bor Lives Matter, get it clear today,

Where's the state governor? Sorry!

Where's the state government?

Nowhere to be seen! Huh?

Isn't Bor Town their capital?

Aren't we citizens?

Are they protecting our lives?

Our properties and our rights?!

Allow me to ask please!

Aren't these men paid?

If yes, why are they paid?

Are they delivering service?

Honestly! I need answers!

Notice:- Government is defined by service delivery as well as protecting the governed [people] from foreign and domestic threats.

I won't talk about everything,

But there's always something,

Bor Lives Matter!!!

Bor Lives Matter!!!

Bor Lives Matter!!!

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