BOSS First Deputy Governor welcomes PPYF leadership visitation to his Office

By Merio Jimmy, Juba, South Sudan

Hon. Dr Addis Ababa Othow, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan appreciates meeting with the PPYF Leadership in his office.

Hon. Dr Othow told the PPYF members that his office and himself will not cut nor close his door for anybody like PPYF members.

Hon. Dr Othow advise the PPYF leadership to engage all Youth in implementation of peace in our country as Youth are majority in our communities.

Hon. First Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan vows to work with PPFY members to realizes peaceful environment for our communities.

The Political Parties Youth Forum (PPYF) pays visitation to the first Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan (BOSS), Hon. Dr Addis Ababa Othow in his office, Juba South Sudan.

Hon. Charles Obaj, chairperson of PPYF appreciated Hon. Dr Othow for allowing his door opened to everyone and PPYF leadership in particularly.

Hon. Obaj explained the purpose of the PPYF leadership visiting and meeting with the Hon. Dr Othow, among issues discussed are Congratulatory message to Hon. Dr Othow for wining trust of the country leadership and additional to that Hon. Obaj explained to Hon. Dr Othow on the readiness of the PPYF members to implementation of the roadmap of the current peace Agreement.

In other hand, Hon. Merio Jimmy, secretary for Political Affairs presented paper position to Hon. Dr Othow. Hon. Merio added that PPYF leadership and it's members are ready to eradicating violences across the country in order to engage and educate youth in peace preaching across the country.

Hon. Merio to Hon. Dr Othow explained that PPFY membership are completely comprised of 14 registered political parties under National Agenda and soon in nearest future other political party entities will be included.

The meeting ended with some action points for further process and paperwork.

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