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Catholic Bishop shot in Rumbek: 24 arrested


The newly elected Bishop of Rumbek Diocese was shot last night by a number of unknown assailants.

Bishop Christian Carlassare, an Italian Comboni priest, sustained gunshot wounds in both legs during an attack on his residence at around 1am last night.

He is currently being treated at Rumbek State Hospital and is reportedly in a stable condition.

Bishop Carlassare in Rumbek State Hospital, surrounded by diocese staff (Eye Radio)

Following the attack, Lakes State Information and Communication Minister William Kogi has informed journalists that 24 people have been arrested in contention with the attack.

Speaking to press earlier this morning, Bishop Carlassare forgave his attackers and called for kindness and reconciliation in Lakes state.

'I know that the people are suffering more than me at this moment for what happened. Rumbek deserves much better than this. So I forgive with all my heart anyone who did this action or perpetuate it', he said.

Kogi noted that the attack appeared targeted, as out of all residents in the property only Bishop Carlassare was attacked. Whilst the motive of the attack is unclear, the Information Minister suggested it could be as a result of a possible 'church politics'.

Issuing a statement this morning, the South Sudan Human Rights Commission has condemned the attack and appealed to the government to find and bring justice to the perpetrators.

'The commission hereby condemns this barbaric act in strongest terms possible and urges both the State and National Government to institute an investigation committee to conduct thorough investigation with the aim of holding the culprits accountable', they said.

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