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Central Equatoria governor briefs President Kiir on state development


Governor of Central Equatoria state Emmanuel Adil Anthony delivered a briefing to President Kiir at the state residence in Juba earlier this week.

Sources describe the meeting as focusing on security, land management and intercommunal relations. Governor Anthony reportedly emphasised discussion on ways in which refugees and internally displaced persons could return to Central Equatoria, given the recent success of the R-ARCSS.

The Governor also applauded President Kiir's efforts to organise local government, which he has described as a good first step in rebuilding the lives of the South Sudanese people.

President Kiir and Governor Anthony at the presidential residence, Juba.

Speaking to press after the meeting, Governor Anthony also noted progress on the future of land management and agriculture in the state. He raised the manner in which some individuals in Central Equatoria had illegally occupied land, prompting clashes between farmers and cattle herders.

President Kiir assured the Governor that the government would support local authorities in rectifying these challenges, and underscored the necessity of implementing the executive presidential decree urging all cattle herders to return to their places of origin.

In areas where there is peace, the President encouraged local farmers to cultivate their crops with the arrival of the rainy season.

The Governor speaking to reporters after the meeting.

With regards to security across the state, President Kiir informed Governor Anthony that negotiations with the remaining rebel groups are ongoing. In particular, it is hoped that Thomas Cirilo's National Salvation Front will soon reach an agreement with the government.

More generally, President Kiir affirmed his readiness to support the people and local government of Central Equatoria in their journey towards peace and stability.

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