• Merio Jimmy

Chamber of Commerce discuss Indian trade promotion

Merio Jimmy, Juba

Salwa Bakony Monytuel, Deputy Chairperson of the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, met with Indian Ambassador S.D. Moorthy and Indian Trade Officer S.K. Rajoria this week in Juba.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways of increasing trade and economic cooperation between India and South Sudan.

Members of the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce at a recent conference, Juba.

South Sudan's Chamber of Commerce have reportedly offered to export honey, gum and sesame seeds to India, given the country's huge demand for international organic produce.

Salwa Bakony has raised the possibility of a visit by the Indo-African Chamber of Commerce to South Sudan to discuss further business opportunities in the country. She also suggested greater collaboration between the Indian business community in Juba and the South Sudanese Chamber of Commerce in coming months.

Ambassador Moorthy has agreed to consider the request, and has said that enhanced relations between Indian entrepreneurs in Juba and the Chamber of Commerce would be a positive step for increased trade.

Members of Juba's Indian business community arriving in the capital, 2015.

From India's perspective, it hopes to offer South Sudan a number of products and services stemming from its nascent pharmaceutical and IT sectors.

Discussions continue between the two parties.

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