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On my behalf, and on behalf of the South Sudan Political Parties Youth Forum, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the late's family members, government, and people of South Sudan in general, for the loss of our two prominent compatriot Youth and leaders, Late Hon. Manawa Peter Gatkuoth Gual, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, and Eng. Paul Adong Bith Deng, Former Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation NilePet.

These are wonderful people from whom the country will never recover. Death has indeed robbed the republic of South Sudan on 19th June 2022.

For tributes, Hon. Manawa in his early time contribute immensely in the students political movements in the Sudanese Universities and the professional engineer Paul Adong, former political activist and ANF cadre in the Sudanese Universities too, he is a great asset to government and the people of South Sudan for his heroic contribution.

Their untimely departure is a wound that will never be completely healed by the people of the Republic of South Sudan and the family.

With the regret!

By Charles Obaj Adwok,

President for the South Sudan Political Patties Youth Forum,

Juba, Republic of south Sudan

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