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Corruption to explain without full stop

By Akol Arop Akol

I am writing this to inform you sons and daughters of this land that the economy and livelihood will not improve because of corruption of my country South Sudan which will not easily end because the big lions and hyenas are sleepless day and night in the city as busy as bees transferring millions of dollars into accounts their foreign lands and spending thousands of pounds every day in hotels where they enjoy life and exploiting young girls by giving them bundles of money for boda-boda and hair plaiting to look more prettier such that they become too expensive for other poor boys not to approach them or even think of asking names because they are shy while knowing that they don't belong to the first class of living standards in their own country yet their fathers and mothers including me (the Writer) struggled in many different ways during the 21 years with hope of becoming free one day to have our own rights which allow us to jobs and work to make money and buy something to eat and live equally in peace and happiness but It is now the opposite as many of the cowards who ran away during the liberation struggle are the ones who came back to continue the oppression and exploitation we fought against as united south Sudanese who shared common historical-ethnic backgrounds connected in some common ways such as cultures and lifestyles which includes ways of livelihood such as practicing Agriculture as the backbone of the country until the politicians came with interests of exploring oil as the chest-bone and that is why every breakfast is with Chicken at panaroma or Piir Amit (as the nicknamed) while the common man stays without food leave alone a shelter to live in which makes them (vulnerable civilians) feel denied and betrayed in their own country while it is being enjoyed by a few people who claim to have liberated the country from the enemy and that is why they feel like the first class citizens while those born after the struggle are just speechless-spectators who cannot claim their rights or explain themselves as no one will listen to them because many leaders are busy eating and getting fatter that their ears become deaf to hear and the eyes are closed not to listen to the crying voices of the people at the grassroots where there are no health and learning services such as hospitals and schools to let children grow well and acquire knowledge to become better people in future who will change South Sudan by treating it from corruption to a developmental transformation to let everyone have a right as a citizen and to be able to work to earn a living and to have piece of land to settle without discrimination based on cultural or socio-political differences in order to be peaceful and free to interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds to encourage intermarriage and become relationship-partners who can set up a strong family and contribute to the useful population but not to give birth to many children to end up on streets as beggars who have no shelter to sleep in because no one will take care of them not even the government which is full of leaders with selfish individual's interest with a mindset of saying “this is my time to eat" and they pretend to be leading when they sit under trees to sip tea and politically gossip while watching people's wives and young school-girls attractively moving and how they lust for them is high like the Juba hot temperature which goes up to 38° but the weather sometimes gets cold that the oil money-eaters called sugar daddies almost get condensed in their hotel rooms with cold air condition 24-hours which makes them erotic and they just dial some numbers and say "sweethearts come to me in X hotel” which is a request not turned down by the slay queens who are forced by crisis to take love proposals as survival sources because their parents cannot provide their basic needs which is something clear that I cannot blame on young girls but the best thing I can just do is to advise them such that they don't let their dreams and aspirations be buried by wrong men because of money which has no end or not a friend to one human who needs it to solve problems that arise but one must work hard to get a plenty of it with sweat instead of waiting from others such as love partners who might end up exchanging feelings with materials which does not make relationships last longer and that is why I am telling you sons and daughters who call themselves sweethearts that the life in the country or World at large is not fair or not in a sense of favoring your desires or expectations unless you understand each other to love without money because feelings are not properties to be sold and bought but I cannot blame anyone who gets love in market and carry out expensive weddings in luxury hotels because corruption has already being adopted as a new culture of modern city which allow those with power loot resources of the country and also use the young ones who have no power to say no for the marginalization which is slaughtering the young generation like cows at butchery where they cry for rescue of justice but no one comes to grand them freedom because the many of the elderly-powerful ones who are supposed to help them are focusing on their own lives and the future of their unborn children without thinking that the same county they are cutting with knives and crucifying with political conflicts is where their children would remain in the future and they may fall into the fit dug and left by their fathers who thought that life is a one day chance to grab something that one doesnt own and to oppress the immobilized ones who have no voice to complain and say enough is enough for all mistreatments against their lives which live them hopeless and fearless because they are threatened by those who possess wealth and gunpower which is not fictional or imaginary because it has been happening in the city since the crisis started years ago and left people in economic hardship where getting a bread is like a river without a bridge or boat unless someone knows how to swim and that is why those clever ones who can swim are able to cross the rivers of economic crisis by looting and theft leaving the poor civilians heartbroken or even physically broken because their things are grabbed while on boda-boda and may fall down and left helplessly crying while everyone is minding his or her own business including people who have authority to secure streets and protect civilians because they are not capable or simply dont care at all which something they cannot be blamed for because they are just poor civil servants who spend months without being paid their salaries and they are told to understand that the crisis has hit the whole country which makes me wonder why a rich country with plenty of natural resources both on land and in water be having poor citizens and relying on foreign donations which I dont understand where it goes without being used for development of the country such that it becomes like Qatar or London such that South Sudanese dont scatter to the corners of the World looking for education or better life where they get humiliated and exploited like slaves and this is all because of corruption that am trying to explain here without full stop…… This Writer is advocating for Peace, Youths Empowerment and Human Rights. He can be reached on +211924652692 or Email: akolarop211@gmail.com

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