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COVID statistics released for week of 25/1


In a press release from the Ministry of Health, South Sudan's COVID statistics for the past week have been published.

Most immediately, it was revealed that 17 new COVID cases had been confirmed so far this week, bringing the total number of COVID cases detected in the country up to 3,882.

Following testing, 222 results are classed as 'under follow up', meaning they are included in the newly introduced track and trace database system. To date, 10,258 citizens have been monitored as part of South Sudan's track and trace efforts.

At present, 2 people are registered as being in a severe condition, an increase by 1 from last week. Fortunately, none are critical. The Government's advice to citizens remains the same as last week. All individuals must observe social distancing rules and report suspected cases to their nearest health facility. Alternatively, affected citizens can call a toll free line at 6666.

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