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COVID taskforce introduces new restrictions and penalties


In a statement circulated by Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, Chairman of the National Taskforce on the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of new measures and penalties have been introduced to combat the spread of the disease.

The taskforce confirmed that lockdown will continue until 3rd March with the possibility of an extension until 3rd April, subject to review.

This announcement was followed by new laws that stipulate private health facilities cannot admit COVID-19 patients. Instead, they should contact the Public Health Emergency Centre (EOC) and await further instructions.

Local councils and municipal bodies have also been given enhanced powers to ensure traders, hospitality companies and the public comply with new restrictions.

A range of fines have also been introduced to combat those who break COVID-19 rules:

The taskforce has given all police officers the powers to impose such fines, which are to be collected by the South Sudan National Revenue Authority (SSRNA) and deposited in SSNRA accounts within 24 hours.

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