• Zachary AJ, aka Mr Freezy

CREATIVE OPINION: 'When the love of power overcame the power of love'

Continuing our creative reporting from across South Sudan, Zachary AJ, aka Mr Freezy returns with another poem commemorating the founding struggle of the country.

When the love of power overcame the power of love.

Once upon a time,

There was peace in the Southern part of Sudan,

Southerners loved each other back then,

There was harmony before chaos began,

The people were travelling in one van,

Moving out of the dictatorial government of Sudan,

People knew best how to use their guns,

Together they fought to liberate their sons,

Dr. John's final win was a home run,

CPA was signed, Dr. John did it,

The signature in Naivasha, Dr. John did it,

Junubin foundation stone, Dr. John laid it,

He got all of us screaming, yes! we made it!

One sad day,

There was bloods in the sky,

And a sad news from the stars,

Angels were up there crying,

Even before he crashed to earth,

Junub couldn't bear his death,

But he was never coming back,

(RIP late father)

We just had to push with what he started,

H.E Salva Kiir Mayardït aka #SKM took over,

Luckily, he was another good driver,

He pushed on until 2011,

Junubin independence was finally even,

We jubilated once again,

Hoping we would all make it to heaven,

There was peace and harmony within,

There was love and unity still,

There was patriotism still,

How I wish change didn't come!

On 15th December, 2013,

"The love of power over came the power of love."

Until now our beautiful South Sudan is badly off!

To be continued...

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