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Divorced On The First Night! by John Marit

A short story by Juba based writer John Marit.

“Relax! Am coming my baby. Am pouring some little water on my body. The weather has been harsh today. Am yours tonight, feel free. Everything that I possess is yours. You will touch, feel, and romance as long as you want to do. “

Do you know the story of Beauty And The Beast. Affection has no boundaries, love is blind and deaf, it's a floating of words on the oceans of feelings.

“Adau, I’m pretty sure that with you, the mountains can move. Remember the words of Daniel Nielsen that, when love runs souls deep, a kiss is no longer just a kiss. It's the place where heaven and Earth meet. So am going to let the heaven and Earth meet on our lips tonight. This blue skies will meet the dark stones. Soft and hard will meet each other. The warmth stored on the balconies of your thighs. The running of fingers around slim bones. Don't let me feel the universe is mine alone, let's make it ours.”

Dut had had a courtship for a little while. He believed every information that he got was right. Dut was born in an unlucky world. His mother and father died when he was only two years old. His aunt took him to her home. He was brought up far from where he was born. He used to call himself by the names of his uncle (the one who married his aunt Bol), Dut Bol.

One day his aunt ran furiously, she boiled her feelings so fast. She began to narrate the story of her brother to his son. That you were born to Mr. Garang and Mrs. Amer. Your family died in the war and I took you when you were two years old. Dut replied “it's okay my aunt. The reason why I call myself in reference to your husband is that I don't want to be segregated here. I want to live like your son, so that I can't feel out of the place”. “Good”, she replied, “but know where you come from, know that you had a dad and a mum. Just the world had been encountered with unreasonable injustice”.

Dut Bol (In reality as Dut Garang) was sent to abroad by his uncle, the one that married his aunt, to study. He was a boy of a splendid calibre. Creative and much respected. Just as many meet in classes, he met Adau in highschool. They had been in close proximity. Many times they had some little conversation trying to trace the origins but nothing connects them. In fact the two have similar stories. Adau had never seen her Dad. She lives only with her mum.

When they returned to the country, they had decided to marry. The good news was Adau was still a virgin girl. The bad news: they had been trying to make love but couldn't as husband and wife. This scares many. They had been the only couple in school that even the administration didn't want to interrupt. They had been the apples of everyone's eyes. ‘His Majesty and Her Majesty’, the head teacher used to call them that way.

One day during a disco, they chose to dance to slow music. With an amazing song "Carry me on your wings so that I can feel that the sky is mine". Perfect as they move from left to right, north to south. Their love inspired many people and many began to say that "love inspires more than stories".

When they had returned home, their marriage was officially initiated, as it was a traditional one. The marriage whereby a man takes the lady without the concern of the girl’s family except the mother and a few ladies. As with boy’s, some will also know.

She was brought and the marriage was successfully completed. Dowry of about seventy plus was given to the family. Ladies of Adau's age were brought and had their last supper together. A magnificent bull was slaughtered, everything that is done traditionally was awesomely done.

Two days later, some few women came to officiate that Adau and Dut should be one family from that night till the end. The ladies included her biological mother, aunties and some other people related to her. Remember she was brought up by her mother alone. The ladies talked to her and they joyously left. Dut was finally given his love to make love on that day. Oh my God, I can't hold my breath!

In tears and horrors! The news is shocking. An appalling horror, it's unbelievable in reality. It scares many, it also faints others while it throws many in to deafness. Believe me, if Adau and Dut knew this, they would have hanged themselves. What a tragedy!

Dut bathed and was panicking on the bed, he called Adau in the bathroom. “You are delaying, come faster, my lips are wetting me so much. I want the juices of my lips to get stuck on yours. I want the honey that brings chaos in my lungs to be shared. Come on! “

“Relax! Am coming my baby. Am pouring some little water on my body. The weather has been harsh today. Am yours tonight, feel free. Everything that I possess is yours. You will touch, feel, and romance as long as you want to do.”

Believe me that today, the true colours of heaven and Earth will be seen. The love that has made us bare foot on thorns and snows has been fulfilled.

“Remember the Letters that you wrote to me in high school when I was sick. You told me that when I fall sick, you feel burdened. That you feel like you are three times sick. You told me that your soul can't exist without mine. That if sickness should befall on me, it shouldn't leave you too. That the blinds can see only me and you carrying a son and a daughter. A son that resembles you and a daughter that resembles me. My dear, the words you scribbled to me have fires and rains in them. They burn my soul deep, they bring me back after being burnt to ashes.”

“In fact Adau, my only person that I have ever known on this planet. The first and last girl I have ever talked about love together. Since your soft feet stepped into my life, the story changed. It changed from a bad story to a magnificent one. I thought love was a game but with how I saw it from you, it's a flame. A flame that can't cease, a flame that brings light and joy. A flame that is tamed to happiness and forever growing young of the hearts”.

Adau carried her fingers on to Dut's hairless chest, smooth and soft. With the lips about to lock themselves, Dut carried her flabby thighs on to some little space. Adau was slowly getting her back on to the softness of the bed. The white majestic bedsheet. An African handmade bedsheet. With the draws of the heart on it, a white and black ox. The one that Dut had given as the prestigious dowry. Adau whispered in low tune, "Do you know that I have never kissed any lips apart from yours. I can't know how different lips taste, but however, yours can't be compared to any. Whether they're sweet or sour, they are mine, forever mine, am jealous, I can't share them with anybody else.”

“Adau, you believe that I have been in single life till this far. My story tortured me, me living in a world that do not deserve me. In fact am not supposed to be alive, I should be gone.”

“Haha, come on! You have Adau as your companion. I have you as mine, life of two thin stories growing fat. Kiss me! As she opens her lips wide, her half scrolls his nearer. Oh, am feeling this romance.” Dut pushes her chest as she finally rested her back on the bed. Lips on the lips and the love had to begin.

“Oh My God! Oh My Goodness! Open the door”. It's so sad, has she cried, she threw herself down kicking the door. “Open it, Open it. My Lord! Please, Please! Open for me, she is your biological sister. She is born to your father. Oh Lord. I didn't know the real story, forgive me!”

Adau's mother was confessing at the door way. Dut pulled his short and vest as they set to hear the cry outside. “Oh, she is my mom!” Adau ran with a night dress. “Oh Mom, what's wrong?”

The mother fainted at the moment. She was was rushed to the hospital.

Two hours later she recovered into her normal consciousness as tears flew on her cheeks. Rolling down on to the lips, she shook her head.” I can't believe this”, she said. “My daughter getting married to my step son. This is horror, I can't bear the pain. I was just recently told.”

Adau was taken to her home as the story was to be overlooked on its dimensions. It was true that Dut's father had impregnated Adau's mother that brought life to Adau. According to the culture, the two were made to divorce as they were found to be brother and sister.

Dut Garang wrote a letter to Adau Garang:

Dear Lost Love,

My only blood-mate, born to my father that was murdered in cold blood in the hands of ruthless world. Died as a father to not-knowing-themselves two children. From two different mothers, those that attempted to be husband and wife divorced on the first night as they tried to make love.

You were the only angel that God had made to be my soldier. You're as beautiful as anything I have never seen. In fact, the beauty of universe is less. Remember the words that you made me remember in those high school letters. That I can't live without you as my wife. I can't breathe well if you aren't with me. How shall I live my dear. This story can't be told by me.

I can't live as a man who had one time slept with his only sister in the minds of many though we didn't sleep. Though we didn't have sex. But of course, the romance and roses of kisses that we exchanged are more than sex. The words of love that we wrote to each other are more than anything, our words have made love, they have had sex and this has created wounds that can never be healed in my soul.

In my last line, am going to be no more on this planet. Am wishing you love, happiness in your life. Make our father shine forever. Let our dad feel that he had left a prestigious daughter. All in all, I will miss you my only sister, my Lost Love!

By Dut Garang, An Affectionate who is your biological brother. Rest In Peace to myself!

Adau Got the letter and she was unable to bear the pain. She just wrote to him in one line, "Rest In Peace To both of Us"! She murdered herself.

The media reported “Two lovers died virgins. They are believed to be biological brother and sister”.

© Story by: Sir John Marit

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