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Don Bosco technical students celebrate graduation

Merio Jimmy, Juba

The Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre (VTC) held it annual graduation ceremony earlier this weekend.

More than 200 students were awarded diplomas in a number of fields, including electrical engineering, mechanics, welding, carpentry and plumbing. The graduates began their courses in 2018, having undergone 2 years of training and a further year internship in industry.

Father Waldemar Jonatowski, from Poland, is Principle of the VTC. He has extensive experience in Africa managing and teaching in a number of vocational centres.

Fr. Waldemar Jonatowski, the Polish Principle of Don Bosco VTC.

The Don Bosco Salesians have been in South Sudan since 2006, training thousands of students in a number of technical fields. In doing such, they have prepared countless graduates for successful careers in industry.

Indian Ambassador S.D. Moorthy was the guest of honour at Don Bosco VTC’s most recent graduation ceremony. In his speech to the students, he commended all graduates on opting for a technical education. He asserted that their skills would empower them as entrepreneurs, employers and teachers who could each pave a strong foundation for South Sudan’s future.

S.D Moorthy with the latest cohort of Don Bosco graduates.

Ambassador Moorthy also thanked Indian Fathers Joseph and Saijan of the Don Bosco Salesians for their service to the student community of South Sudan.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Father Joseph said he hoped to be able to train more technical students provided there was support from the government, general public, and industrial companies.

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