• Merio Jimmy

Dr. Martin appreciates Political Parties Youth Forum secretaries visitation in the Ministry.

By Merio Jimmy, Editor-In-Chief for SSFP

In press released on July 05 by the Political Parties Youth Forum states that the Political parties Youth forum leadership, Cde Charles Obaj, PPYF chairperson and Cde Merio Jimmy, secretary for political Affairs have submitted some documents namely, secretaries and deputies including Advisory posts and concept Note of the Political parties Youth Forum to Hon. Dr Martin Elias Lomuro, National Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the chairperson of the South Sudan Democratic Forum in his office on Tuesday July, 05 within the National Ministry of Cabinet Affairs premises, Juba, South Sudan.

Hon. Dr. Martin told the Political Parties Youth Forum that he ready work with the Youth and to support any outline activities by the political Parties Youth Forum.

Dr. Martin encourage Political Parties Youth Forum to continue promoting multi-party democracy regardless diversification of cultures within the South Sudan.

"Youth must be away from various influences carries some of the politician BETTER to stands with our president for sustainable Peace implementations", Dr. Martin warns Youth Forum.

On his counterpart, cde Charles Obaj, chairperson of political Parties Youth Forum appreciated all hospitalities given by Hon. Dr. Martin Elias Lomuro and his entirely staffs.

Cde Merio Jimmy, secretary for political Affairs for the Political Parties Youth Forum assured Dr martin that the political Parties Youth Forum members are ready to carried out Peace implementations across all ten states and three Administrative Areas if your leadership Dr. Martin and Country leadership will supports our activities.

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