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DRM promote Abdel Rahman Sule's grandson as military spokesman


New opposition group, the Democratic Resistance Movement (DRM), have announced a number of promotions and spokesperson reshuffles following their formation in November last year.

Founded and led by Dr. Lado Jada Kwajok, formerly of the National Salvation Front (NAS), the DRM stands as critics of the SPLM government and the R-ARCSS.

Dr. Lado Jada Kwajok, leader of the DRM and former foreign relations spokesman for the NAS.

'Our country has been set on a perilous course by none other than those who were regarded previously as liberators but have now turned into oppressors of their people', declared Kwajok last year.

'The DRM shall not relent until the regime is removed from power, with the institution of federalism, and full accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity', the movement have said.

Most recently, a meeting of the DRM Leadership Council declared Muslim Gore as a Major in the movement. Pursuant to this, he has been appointed as the group's military spokesman.

Major Muslim Gore, the DRM's new military spokesman.

'I seize upon this opportunity to congratulate him and wish him every success in discharging the duties of his office', Kwajok added.

Gore reportedly left the NAS prior to his appointment in the DRM, citing slowness in NAS policy and growing disconnect between the NAS' leadership and youth opinion.

Gore is the grandson of Abdel Rahman Sule, son of a Bari Chief and early advocate for an independent South Sudan separate from the North.

Abdel Rahman Sule, pictured in Adodi Village in 1970

Speaking to the South Sudan Friendship Press, Gore extended his thanks to the country's youth.

'The youth have always been sidelined and pressed against the wall in the political atmosphere of South Sudan but here I am before you today to bring power back to the youth, bring power back to the young inspiring intellectual men in South Sudan. It is only the new generation that can bring everlasting peace and stability to our country because judging by the current status quo we will be in war for a long time to come if the youth don’t rise to power to change the status quo', he asserted.

More generally, Gore pointed out that 'this movement is youth based and dominated, the door is wide open for any inspiring youth that wants to be empowered, promoted and elevated to make an impact in South Sudan'.

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