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Duk community youth questions MP allocation


The Duk Community Youth Association (DCYA) have written an open letter to local, state and national representatives with a number of questions as to the proposed allocation of MPs in Duk county, Jonglei.

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) is due to host 550 MPs from across the country.

The DCYA's open letter is below:


1). Hon. Philip Thon Leek

2). Hon. Lul Lem 3). Hon. Deng Lual Anyang 4). Hon. Ann Lino Wuor (Nyanthondit) 5). Hon. Abiel Chan 6). Hon. Athiak Ruei

Warm greeting to you all in your respective locations and positions in the name of our beloved county Duk.

To begin with, the distribution of current parliamentarians seats, both in the national and state level has unclear rumours that need proper follow up and justification from none other than you.

If am not mistaken, this new agreement that has involved many parties along side SPLM/IG is not following the conspiracy theory of constituencies or population each county or state has.


Because previously, SPLM/IO, SSOA, OPP, etc never had any constituencies they represented in all South Sudan counties.

As a matter of fact, the agreement was made universal and inclusive for all Political parties to have presentation in 3 organs of the government (executive, legislative and judiciary).

This compelled all the parties to have MPs across South Sudan Counties within the available constituencies previously belong to SPLM party alone.

My main concern is in SPLM/IG sharing of 55 MPs in the state level.

According to the information I got as per Jonglei State, these 55 MPs are being shared according to Greaters (Akobo, Fangak & Bor).

Furthermore, Greater Akobo was given 18 MPs to share it among her 3 counties.

Greater Fangak with 18 MPs to share it among her 3 counties and Greater Bor with 19 MPs one being for municipality to also share it with her 3 counties.

In addition to that, my primary concern again is in 19 MPs which are allocated to TE, Duk and Bor Counties under umbrella of Greater Bor.

How are they being shared?

By rumours (no smoke without fire), I heard that SPLM-GBC is proposing sharing of 19 MPs as per constituencies where Bor County has 5 constituencies, TE County with 3 Constituencies and Duk with 1 constituency in relation to April-2008 census.

That census didn't favour the most insecure and inaccessible areas in South Sudan, putting into consideration the unhealthy road networks and rampant insecurity at hand.

The population of Duk County among other counties was affected by the mentioned factors and this made most of Duk areas with dense population like swamp areas (toch) and other areas bordering Nuer Counties not to be reached by the sensus team due to either poor road network or insecurity.

This finally resulted to less population of Duk County who were in reachable areas being the only counted one to represent Duk population. Hence putting Duk County population underneath of both TE and Bor South Counties unrealistically.

More on that, with constituencies kind of sharing which is driven from the unrealistic statistics of 2008 as mentioned, Duk County in the state is proposed to have 3 MPs, TE County with 5 MPs and the Mighty Bor County with 11 MPs.

To bring to your attention, you as SPLM/IG members of parliament representing Duk County at National and state level are you aware of this proposed sharing ration of SPLM-GBC in Jonglei State?

Are you part of the decision making on how 19 MPs under Greater Bor should be shared??

What is your say in case if Duk at state level is given 3/19, TE with 5/19 and Bor with 11/19??

Your response to above questions as Duk MPs under SPLM/IG in national and state level is vital to myself, Duk Youths in Jonglei and other Duk citizen who might be in need of clarification on this kind of sharing.

Little did I stop consultation on how Greater Bor is going to share their 19 MPs under SPLM/IG, I went further to inquire from close sources on how their fellow counterparts of Greater Fangak and Akobo are planing to share their MPs among their 6 counties with each Greater having 3 counties just like Greater Bor.

The source revealed to me that, the mentioned Greaters are planning to distribute or distributed their MPs equally:


1).Akobo County =6 2).Nyirol County =6 3).Wuror County =6

But if the population was to be considered as the case for the so called Greater Bor Counties; then Wuror County will have more MPs then the other two.


1).Ayod County =6 2).Fangak County =6 3).Pigi County =6

But if popular was to be considered as the case for Greater Bor Counties, then Ayod will have more MPs then other two.

On behalf of DCYA in Jonglei and on my own behalf, I kindly request you to give the population of Duk County clear clarification on this unhealthy sharing and what is your stand as our MPs who are representing us both in National and State level?

Last question for you,

Why is SPLM-Greater Bor criteria of sharing equally distributed MPs at national level where each state of 10 states is entitled to 55 MPs under SPLM/IG regardless of the population of that state different from the one used by SPLM-G.Akobo and SPLM-G.Fangak?

What is special with SPLM-GBC and not with SPLM- G.Akobo and G.Fangak?

I stand to be corrected where I presented incorrect information as per my own research ahead or during the MPs distribution process.

It is always bad to complain when the decision had already been made, just like what happened during Hon. Philip Aguer Panyang's regime as governor of Jonglei State during 32 states, "The earlier the better."

Duk Youths in Jonglei State don't want to be discouraged from mother party SPLM through unfair sharing of resources within SPLM-GBC when majority of our liberators and youths stood firm as loyalists of SPLM from 1983 up to date.

Best regards,

Noble Leek Goi Chairman Duk County Youth Association (DCYA), Jonglei State. WhatsApp: +256-775-551-950 Email: nobleleekgoi@gmail.com

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