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Eastern Equatoria Monyomiji threaten NGOs


In an open letter addressed to NGOs, UN agencies and private companies working in Torit, Ikotos and Lopa, the Monyomiji Forum has demanded a radical overhaul of hiring and deployment procedures.

Citing perceived biased recruitment processes, the letter claims international organisations working in Eastern Equatoria have 'profoundly derailed towards the cancer of corruption', excluding local Monyomiji members from holding key posts.

The Forum have vowed to 'never listen to any verbal communications' if the situation is not rectified and their demands are not met. They go as far as to assert that without change, international organisations 'will eventually regret why you insist to continue working as your staff will be spending the rest of their time in protecting themselves rather than executing their field projects freely'.

The Monyomiji Forum's demands, in full.

The Monyomiji's demands include the immediate termination of non-Monyomiji employees, the withdrawal and overhaul of operations in Monyomiji governed communities, and ensuring that 80% of future employees at all levels are Monyomiji members.

The letter describes itself as a statement 'of NO compromise', and is underscored by a latent threat of violence to organisations that opt not to comply with their demands.

'If you think that we can be whipped on line or maybe our spirit will be weakened by the usual government threats, then you remember that the recent cases of NGOs, UN agencies and UNMISS in Maban, Kapoeta and elsewhere in South Sudan was just the tip of the iceberg', the letter reads.

The Forums ends their demands with the intent to 'resolve this and other issues amicably', despite their firm language.

International organisations including UNMISS have worked with Monyomiji in Eastern Equatoria for some years, having sought to promote peace and stability between communities from the days of the CPA to present.

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