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Egyptian President arrives in Juba for one day visit

Arriving in Juba this morning, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was met by Salva Kiir and members of his government at the airport.

The leaders are holding bilateral talks over state lunch at the Presidential Palace. It is expected that topics of discussion will include regional stability, irrigation funding and issues associated with the Great Renaissance Dam.

In a statement issued by the Presidential Office yesterday, it was stated that the meeting would serve to ‘deepen South Sudan and Egypt’s diplomatic ties’.

The Presidents at Juba airport earlier today

Earlier this year, the Egyptian President received South Sudan’s Presidential Advisor for Security Affairs Tut Gatluak in Cairo. Sisi stressed that the consolidation of security and stability would guarantee South Sudan’s development.

The Egyptian President has previously assured South Sudanese leaders that his country was ready and eager to provide developmental support to its southern neighbour.

The outcome of current talks are yet to be seen.

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