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Elections must wait for a 'conducive atmosphere': South Sudan Civil Society Forum


In a recent visit of an African Union Security Council delegation to Juba, the South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF) has said that elections in the country should be held only when there is a 'conducive atmosphere'.

The African Union delegation met with the SSCSF to discuss the prospects of future elections, and how they can assist with the process. The meeting came as part of the delegation's wider visit to asses the progress of the 2018 peace agreement.

Jame David Kolok, in a recent meeting with press.

Jame David Kolok, Chairman of the South Sudan Civil Society Forum, told press this weekend that elections must occur only when the political environment is right for them.

Kolok argued that elections of any kid require a clear legal framework. Without this, they are bound to fail.

The SSCSF's announcement comes days after President Kiir's office declared that there will be no general election in 2022. Published in a letter written in response to Dr. Peter Biar Ajak's testimony to the US Senate Committee, J1 has argued that for elections to be held the 2012 Political Parties Act must be approved by the parliament. However, the parliament has not yet been formed.

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