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Energy officials complete Indian Embassy solar training


8 government officials from the Ministry of Energy and Dams, Ministry of Environment & Forestry and South Sudan Electricity Corporation have completed a 4 day course on solar energy technology hosted by the National Institute of Solar Energy, Faridabad, India.

The course was sponsored by the Indian ITEC scholarship programme, and provided by the embassy in Juba.

Addressing the candidates, Mr. S K Rajoria, Second Secretary in the Embassy, congratulated all participants on the completing of their training. He urged the officials to use their knowledge to help build clean and renewable energy resources for South Sudan.

Shri Sushil Kumar Rajoria, Second Secretary/HOC to South Sudan.

Mr Rajoria also requested officials disseminate the information from the course to their government colleagues.

Those involved in the training have thanked the Embassy, and noted that the courses have been of great benefit to their work in government.

This year, the Indian Embassy has organised a number of training programs for members of the government in Juba. Whereas candidates would usually be given training in India, the pandemic has made this difficult.

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