• Abuk Mabok

Ethiopian embassy denies expulsion rumours

Abuk Mabok, Juba

The South Sudanese embassy in Addis Ababa published a statement today refuting rumours that Ethiopia had expelled diplomats from the country, calling them ‘false’.

Recent days have seen a dramatic increase in social media posts suggesting Ethiopia had forcibly closed the embassy of South Sudan following a visit by Egyptian President Al-Sisi on Monday.

However, in the statement released earlier today, it was declared ‘The Embassy and Mission is carrying out its functions in its full capacity as there is no reason that warrants such expulsion”.

The official statement released by the embassy.

The rise in such rumours coincides with increased fears as to the future of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The project’s suggested water allocation has been a hotly contested topic in recent days, with many Ethiopian activists suggesting their nation is disproportionately losing out at the hands of the Egypt.

Egyptian influence in South Sudan has also increased since Al-Sisi’s visit to Juba on Sunday. Many South Sudanese activists fear the effect of Egyptian influence on the region’s stability, as well as recalling the historic problems suffered by South Sudanese citizens in Egypt.

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