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EU sanctions South Sudanese General

In their latest round of sanctions, the European Union has imposed restrictive measure on a South Sudanese People's Defence Force (SSPDF) General for a number of human rights violations.

Moses Lokujo, a Major General, is implicated in the abduction and murder of 3 SPLA-IO officers in May 2020. He is also accused by the EU of inciting violence in and around the Moroto Training Center in Central Equatoria State, prolonging conflict in the region.

Major Gen. Lokujo pictured alongside his troops in Kajo Keji in November 2017.

'Several deaths and injuries were reported on both sides during the last quarter of 2020, and civilians were also displaced, especially in the Kajo-Keji area of Central Equatoria State. Major General Lokujo’s forces remained in the area where several further clashes have been reported and the safety and security of the civilian communities continue to be in jeopardy', the EU have said.

The sanctions form part of the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime, established on 7 December 2020. Having been sanctioned, Major General Lokujo will be subject to an EU travel ban, as well as having all assets and funds either directly or indirectly linked to him frozen.

This month the EU have reportedly also taken punitive measures against those involved in human rights violations in China, Libya, Chechnya and North Korea.

Lokujo is not the first South Sudanese official to be sanctioned by the EU. In February 2018, General Paul Malong, former Deputy Chief of Staff Malek Reuben Riak and Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth were condemned for their alleged role in human rights violations.

General Paul Malong was sanctioned in 2018, accused of prolonging conflict and blocking aid supplies.

Speaking to press earlier this week, SSPDF spokesman Santo Domic acknowledged news of the sanctions but said the military had not yet received formal confirmation from the EU.

'Yes, I can confirm that Major General Gabriel Moses Lokujo is a member of SSPDF. We have not yet received information about the sanctions, so we cannot comment right now. We are waiting for an official communication so that we can react'.

Major General Lokujo has not yet provided comment.

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