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Foundations laid at Western Equatoria University


In a ceremony occurring earlier this week, Governor of Western Equatoria Alfred Futuyo Karaba formally initiated the full renovation of Western Equatoria University.

The University was founded in 2011 as a public institution to serve the citizens of Western Equatoria. Since, then, many parts of the building have fallen into disrepair, necessitating extensive renovation.

The Governor inspecting the work on the University.

Speaking at the ceremony in Yambio, Governor Karaba told press that he expected construction to be completed before September this year. Such a date will enable the University to reopen in preparation for the 2021-22 academic year.

Sources report the renovation is going well, with all necessary materials in place.

The announcement comes after Governor Karaba's recent statement of intent to reopen all schools in the state, after their closure due to COVID-19.

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