• James Atem Kuir

Government revenue up by $4mil

James Atem Kuir, Juba

The Economic Crisis Management Committee has reported an increase in monthly revenue for October.

The committee reported $9mil USD, equivalent to £2.5bil SSP, was collected in October alone. This marks a significant increase from the $5mil, or £1.4bil SSP, collected in September.

Adigo Onyoti Nyikwec, a member of the Economic Crisis Management committee, remarked that “the collection has improved compared to other times, the month of October. alone, the Revenue Authority managed to collect up to $9mil. It used to be $4-5mil, or $1.5-2.5bil SSP. It is great progress, it means there has been great improvement”.

He nonetheless decried the disconnect between committee recommendations and implementation, noting an absence of accountability was counterproductive to good economic policy.

“Things would have improved a lot if there was accountability, we recommend some people be suspended but up until now nothing has happened to them”, he said.

Earlier this year, the committee called for the sacking of the Customs Service Director-General, Major General Akol Ayii, as his staff accused him of corruption.

The committee also found and reported a missing $3.1mil from the central passport and immigration office, as well as mismanagement of funds by traffic police chiefs.

So far, there have been no arrests nor dismissals.

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