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Ugandan entertainers and South Sudan: help or hindrance?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Tony Manas, Juba

I am seeing lots of blame going on by South Sudanese about why the musicians or entertainment industry in Uganda is not paying tribute or sending condolence messages to us for our fallen hero Mantani.

I ask myself, "how does that help us in this situation?"

Okay, if all of them did that by sending condolence messages to us will it make any better? That is all hypocrisy I must tell you (South Sudanese)

Now look here is the reality and truth:

Mantani sung for over 10 good years in this country constantly and faithfully touching thousands of South Sudanese people across this country with nothing in return. His songs like Yau de, Off side, Arusu, Nuwela, Ana yau bi arifu etc endless list of their albums..

What have you done to Murye Alex when he was alive?

You the business community, the government in the side of the ministry of youth and culture, The companies in this country, the fans of Hardlife Avenue stars

And the promoters in this country who sees real talent would have sorted Mantani to better life like those artists in Uganda but his life remained the same no change at all. He slept in a rokuba (Tukul) fenced with gana (Bamboo)... Is that really fair ya junubin (South Sudanese)? His daughter needed surgery on the leg. She can't walk up right because she was born crippled which needed her to be taken outside this country but he couldn't meet the bill and up to now the girl is there down helpless.. "Should we blame innocent Ugandans?" he asks.

The late Tricia C died on truck accident, Alex on motorcycle accident, but when foreign a musician comes here for a show you will find that thousands of Sudanese will attend the show and pay in dollars... Others are given car keys of expensive cars etc as a gift to return with it home but let a local artist like Mantani put up a show, You will wonder and yet the same talent.

Alex got that accident when he was hustling at least to put something on the table for his family. He died a hero.. RIP Brother. It's only God who will reward him for the work he has done in this country.

Country men, let's correct our attitude to change things by

Loving our own when they are still alive and giving them all the support they need to change their world. God bless you much love.

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