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Humanitarian convoy attacked in Eastern Lakes State


A number of unidentified armed men are reported to have assaulted a humanitarian convoy near Yirol, making off with a number of tablets and smartphones as well as a large sum of money.

The convoy of 10 trucks and 4 land cruisers belonged to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), before it was ambushed at Ameth, close to Aluak Luak Payam in Yirol West County.

Yirol in relation to Juba.

An ICRC spokesman has confirmed all members of the convoy are safe, and were able to proceed to Wau after the incident. The matter has been reported to local authorities and an investigation has since been launched.

Speaking to press, Eastern Lakes State’s Secretary General Barnabas Mayor Deng said the aid workers were beaten before being eventually freed. Deng confirmed local security forces had control of the area.

The ICRC reminds all in South Sudan that aid workers are protected by national and international law, meaning any obstruction of their work is an illegal act.

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