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IN FULL: Government's response to Peter Biar Ajak


Presented by Presidential Press Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny at a press conference in Juba earlier today, the Government have formally released their response to Peter Biar Ajak's US Senate testimony last month.

Speaking to officials in Washington, Biar addressed a number of issues pertaining to human rights in South Sudan. He accused the South Sudanese government of intentionally hijacking the appointment of new electoral commissioners, the recent of the population census, and the compiling of a national voter registry.

Biar also claimed that the transitional justice process, economic reforms, reconstitution of the transitional legislature and the formation of South Sudan's Unified Forces are crucial issues threatening the country's democratic trajectory.

The Government in Juba have already made comments on Biar's testimony, with former Minister of Presidential Affairs, Nhial Deng remarking that 'Biar’s testimony is full of unsubstantiated allegations and baseless claims'.

Since then, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs have published a full statement, shown below:

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