• Philip Varghese

Indian Peacekeepers organise veterinary camp at Kodok

Updated: May 15, 2021

Philip Varghese, Malakal

A battalion of Indian UN peacekeepers based in Malakal have carried out 2 days of veterinary aid and animal awareness education for farmers at Kodok, Upper Nile state.

Kodok, formerly known as Fashoda and the capital of the Shilluk Kingdom, is one of the oldest continuously occupied towns in Upper Nile and South Sudan.

'A total of 508 animals were treated and dewormed in the camp', said Lt Col Philip Varghese, the Indian vet responsible for the camp.

An Indian vet working on behalf of UNMISS treats a cow, Kodok.

Reusable masks and COVID awareness posters from the UN field office in Malakal were also donated to Kodok County, and were gladly received by Commissioner Joseph Aban Kodok. The Commissioner visited the veterinary camp and thanked the Indian peacekeepers and UNMISS for their support, requesting that they continue their work in the area.

Visits to the veterinary camp were also made by Charles Otwali, Executive Director of Kodok County, and a number of figures from the Catholic Archdiocese in Juba and the local church. Otwali passed on his thanks to the Indian troops, noting the empathy shown to the sick animals.

Given the active involvement of local farmers and livestock farmers in the area, the veterinary aid camp was highly effective.

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