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JEDCO negotiate solution to upcoming power cuts


Following yesterday’s announcement that power would be disrupted from Tuesday in Juba, JEDCO has released a statement asserting a last minute solution has been found.

‘A last minute solution has been found to stop plans by the Ezra Construction and Development Group to shut down the Juba power plant’, the press release reads.

Referring to Ezra Group’s threat to shut down the Juba power grid, JEDCO claim the South Sudanese Government has intervened to prevent disruptive action.

The initial shutdown was centred around the Government’s refusal to pay a bill of $2mil USD, Ezra Group has claimed.

However, JEDCO have since said that ‘The Government, Ezra and JEDCO assure all citizens of South Sudan that they are dedicated to develop the country to benefit all who live here’.

So far, no details of the aforementioned intervention have been provided.

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