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JEDCO warns of impending Juba power cuts


The Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) has announced that the capital's power distribution network will be affected by 'a lack of resources and commitment from other stakeholders', leading to a gradual reduction of power this week until total shutdown.

Published in a statement today, JEDCO have declared the Juba power plant to be 'in a critical state' and unable to supply power. This has led the company to being shedding power, a process by which certain areas are cut from the power supply to ease pressure on the grid.

JEDCO's statement earlier today.

JEDCO have announced the process of power shedding will result in power cuts for some areas of Juba, who are due to be informed tomorrow.

This is not the first time JEDCO have declared issues with Juba's power supply. In January, widespread electricity shortages followed a payment dispute with partner company Ezra Construction and Development Group.

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