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Juba 'calm and stable', reports City Council security committee


The Juba City Council security committee has met for the first time, discussing a number of issues relating to law and order in and around then city.

Chaired by Mayor Kalisto Faustino Wani and deputised by the Deputy Mayors for Administration and Finance Solomon Pitiya Nyambura and Infrastructure Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the committee heard from a number of stakeholders about recent security developments in Juba.

The committee reportedly concluded that the general security situation is calm and stable, with only a few petty crimes occurring in the city. To resolve this, the Deputy Mayor Mayardit reportedly ordered an increase in the presence of urban security forces.

Police and security representatives addressing committee members at the recent meeting.

The movement of more police into the city was accompanied by the decision to open all roads in the city. It is hoped this allow greater freedom for security personnel to maintain peace in the city.

More broadly, the committee also considers the issue of land management and allocation in Juba. Recent weeks have seen intense debate surrounding the council's land usage policy. In particular, questions were raised as to the limits between government and public land in light of a number of incidents in which Juba City Council demolished buildings without consultation.

From this, it is hoped that a public order court would be opened to implement and enforce planning bylaws.

Attendees also agreed that there must be less interference from the State Ministry of Land and Housing in the City Council's urban planning, particularly that of public marketplaces. Discussions are reportedly ongoing between the Council and the Ministry.

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