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Juba City Council threaten Ezra Group with arrests


The Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council has threatened Ezra Group with arrests over power cuts this week in the capital.

Speaking to press yesterday, Deputy Mayor Thiik Thiik Mayardiit said that he had summoned Ezra Group's executives to his office on Monday to explain the power disruptions, in particular the Ezra's choice to shed power to Juba Teaching hospital.

'What I have told them is to explain to me and the people of South Sudan who are having operations in Juba Teaching Hospital or other hospitals in Juba why they cut power without informing the people. They should explain properly why they did that', the Deputy Mayor said.

Deputy Mayor Thiik Thiik Mayardiit speaking to press yesterday, Juba,

Ezra Group is the parent company of the Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO), responsible for power in the capital. Last week, JEDCO declared that the capital's power distribution network will be affected by 'a lack of resources and commitment from other stakeholders', leading to numerous parts of the city being left without electricity.

Deputy Mayor Thiik also alleged that Ezra Group had been given $3mil USD from the Central Bank for power operations. Despite this, they had requested a further $15mil USD without proper explanation.

A JEDCO owned electricity substation in Juba.

Thiik hoped that the outcome of the meeting with Ezra Group's executives would be fruitful. If it was not, he vowed to arrest them.

'I don't play. These are the people of South Sudan and I am here to serve them', he warned.

It was also noted that this was not the first time Ezra Group had been accused of failing in their duties and obligations to JEDCO.

'Ezra has been doing this for a very long time, and I will inform them this will not be tolerated. The citizens and freedom fighters of South Sudan have not been fighting so that their people can be let down by the government', Thiik added.

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