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Juba-Yei highway death toll rises


The Central Equatoria Information minister has said that at least 10 people have been killed whilst travelling on the Juba-Yei highway over the weekend.

Speaking to press earlier today, Minister Paulino Lukudu Obede said the deaths had occurred during 3 separate ambushes on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th, respectively.

8 drivers reportedly died in 2 separate attacks at Ganji on Sunday, whilst a further 2 motorcycle drivers were killed in Lainya county earlier today. All vehicles belonging to the deceased were burned at the scene.

A view of the Juba-Yei route in Ganji county.

Sources also suggest that the passengers of the murdered drivers were abducted, but have since been released.

The identity of the attackers remain unknown, though authorities in Central Equatoria have said a number of armed groups operating in the vicinity of the highway might be to blame.

Estimates suggest up to 70% of the road is controlled by rebel groups. The area is no stranger to violence, having seen armed forces deployed to the highway in 2019 to protect travellers moving through Ganji county.

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