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Kakwa community condemn Equatoria violence, call for peace


Following a week of violence in and around Central Equatoria, the Kakwa community have published a statement condemning the fighting and calling for peace.

Signed by community Chairman Simon Sebit Edward Elias Wani, the letter urges the signatories to the R-ARCSS to continue their dedication to peace and to serve the common interest of all South Sudanese citizens.

'All parties' leaders to the peace agreements must all strive to be inspired by building deep trust and confidence amongst themselves and they must get above their parties' interests and put aside their terrible differences to work together', Wani wrote.

In particular, the Kakwas' letter condemns in the strongest terms the attacks across Central Equatoria this month that saw a number of elderly persons, women and children forced to take refugee in Saint Emmanuel Cathedral, Yei. The letter also mentions and condemns the violence along the Juba-Yei highway.

Saint Emmanuel Cathedral, Central Equatoria, the site of a number of IDPs fleeing violence from across the state.

'Our hearts go out in grief and solidarity to relatives and families of foreign nationals and South Sudanese who fall as victim in such shocking incidents in the soil of South Sudan', the letter declares.

Referring to 3 ambushes along the highway that saw 10 drivers killed, Wani also reflected on the need for the authorities to do more in protecting South Sudan's citizens.

'The country's leaders must pay attention in addressing the various challenges facing South Sudan by creating an enabling environment for development and transform South Sudan into prosperous, unified and attractive homeland'.

Concluding, the letter notes the condition of internally displaced persons in the country, and urges more to be done for them.

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