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Land disputes intensify in Western Equatoria


Mundri West county, Western Equatoria, has seen a new round of land disputes following a visit from the Odo community to Zelipha Dawa, the County Commissioner.

The Odo representatives alleged that their land in Mundri West, East and Central counties has been forcefully seized and occupied without their permission.

Odo community representatives meeting with Commissioner Dawa, yesterday.

Land related complaints in Western Equatoria have increased in recent months, following high profile tensions between the Balanda and Azande communities in Tambura and disputes over cattle grazing in Yambio.

Having met with Commissioner Dawa, the Odo representatives were reassured that steps would be taken to host a joint dialogue between groups under the supervision of qualified legal personnel.

To prevent local tensions over land escalating into wider violence, Western Equatoria Governor Futuyo Karaba pledged to deploy local defence forces to hotspots across the state earlier this month.

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