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Magwi Artists' Association make hospital donations

Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria

In an initiative first reported by Amadi TV, Magwi Artists' Association has donated a number of mats and mattresses to the county hospital. The charitable contribution forms part of the Artists' Association's commitment to social and civic responsibility.

Local artist Mr. W.J de King was present as the mattresses were delivered to the local health authorities. He reportedly toured Magwi’s health facilities and personally saw the challenges facing patients.

W.J de King and his fellow artists overseeing the mattresses at Magwai county hospital.

'I personally toured the health centre and saw many things myself; may God lay his healing hands onto you all' de King said.

He added that in life, all people should value others by giving them even the smallest things you can afford to spare.

The Artists' donation comes amidst news that Magwi is suffering from a measles outbreak. According to a recent government health bulletin, new cases of measles have been reported across the county.

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