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Manyang Rel controversy leaves 13 dead & 7 others wounded in Rumbek East.

Contrevosy between Gony and Theyieth on Manyang Rel leaves 13people died and seven others wounded both sides .

Speaking to media from Rumbek East county the honourable commissioner of Rumbek East county Mapuor Malek Malual Arop, said that the fighting brokeout five days ago between Gony and Theyieth resulting to loss of 13 people and seven others wounded. Commissioner stated that there is some clans that included in the fighting today were Pakam , Amoth-nhom, Duor, who joined fight alongside Gony while Panyuon,beer , Aliep and panyaar joined to fight alongside Theyieth. However, Hon. Commissioner Mapuor added that he has taken some steps to deployed soldiers between pachong and maleng-Agok to control the fighting and to protect their properties but unfortunately they went to cattle camp were cars of government can't manage to go and start fighting there. Hon . urged that the intellectuals, chiefs both from Gony and Theyiethheyieth are to sit and discuss issues of Manyang Rel if it needs to be resolved by jugdes than It will be addressed such that peace comes among the two communities as Aliam-toc.

By Mabor Peter Dhieu Majuac

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