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Ministers discuss non-oil tax reform ahead of NRA conference


Minister of Presidential Affairs Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin has met with the Commissioner General of the South Sudan National Revenue Authority, Dr Patrick Mugoya, to discuss reforms and changes to the country's non-oil tax processes.

The meeting was held ahead of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) conference later this month, which seeks to open dialogue between the NRA and state governments as to how best to collect non-oil revenue across the country.

Dr Mugoya has already announced plans to restructure the Authority's domestic tax revenue division, in the hope that a dynamic approach to taxation will bring more South Sudanese into formal tax brackets.

Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin and Dr Patrick Mugoya in Juba yesterday.

The plans come amidst the opening of the NRA's new offices opposite the Juba Town Mosque. Dr Mugoya has said the new, centrally located offices will be open to anyone with questions and queries about taxation in South Sudan.

The NRA hope that recent internal restructuring and meetings such as that with the Minister of Presidential Affairs will move the Authority into the South Sudanese political mainstream, promoting a culture of voluntary taxation and tax education.

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