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Ministry of Education introduces school fee cap


The Ministry of Education has cautioned private schools and introduced a fee limit in response to complaints from parent teacher associations about the rising cost of education.

Noting that most schools have kept prices stable, the Ministry referred to 'some few private schools' that hiked their fees.

In response, it has been declared that private day school fees must not cost more than 80,000 SSP per year, and boarding schools 200,000 SSP. Furthermore, payments are to be collected only in SSP.

Further ordinances introduced include compulsory parent teacher associations in all schools, and making sure that all extra curricular activities requiring payment are optional to students.

It was also declared that all unregistered faith and community schools must seek registration immediately, or face closure.

The Ministry's announcement is notable in preceding the introduction of a new national curriculum, which it promises to support with free textbooks, training and personal protection equipment materials.

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