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Ministry of Health: Over 1 million affected by flooding


As part of a new weekly bulletin system, the Ministry of Health has released updates on a number of epidemiological and public health risks across the country. Flooding is a significant part of this bulletin, a fact that comes as no surprise given the havoc wreaked by adverse weather effects along the Nile, Pibor, and Sobat Rivers.

The bulletin notes that since July 2020, heavy rainfall and rising water levels have affected 1,034,000 people. Out of this number, 481,000 have been displaced across 43 affected counties.

Figures from the Ministry of Health, 2021.

The extent of these figures has prompted the Ministry of Health to categorise 271,000 people as requiring a 'priority 1' life saving response with a further 192,000 ranked as 'priority 2'.

Areas listed as requiring most extensive and urgent support are Gondokoro (Juba), Jebel Lado, Mangala, Rajaf., Ayod, Bor South, Duk, Nyirol, Twic East, GPAA, Awerial, Cueibet, Rumbek East, Leer, Mayendit, and Panyijiar.

In all areas, 617,000 have been targeted by health response programs, and the needs of 56,754 have been met.

Despite this, the government have acknowledged that issues connected with security, communication, funding and shortage of supplies have contributed to a limited response from various departments.

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