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Mobile court decision on Atem's case who lost his two arms over phone lost.

To all South Sudanese at home and in diaspora,

Re:Mobile court decision on Atem's case.

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I feel obliged as a friend of the victim to inform you of the decision made by the mobile court in Ruweng administrative area on Monday ,29 Nov,2021 ,which sentenced the culprits, Brig Gen.Alek and Maj.Gen. Monykoang ,the two IO commanders who tortured the 19 year old boy to confession over the loss of phone in early May 2021, to "7 years in prison" and "compensation of 24 herd of cattle" for his lost limbs, a decision which tormented Atem's mother to TEARS saying it's not enough ! When I spoke to Atem,the boy is demoralized just like the mother.

For months, we have been in communication,I noticed him as an early riser because he used to call me at 5 am and sometimes, 6 am but today ,he was in bed until 8:am ! He was speaking to me in low tone and in low spirits ! He says he has been hoping for more punishment for the men who wrongly tortured him ,an act that led to amputation of his two limbs leaving him handless ! Much as I tried to comfort him,the boy goes mute, something he has never done since we got connected ! I told him at least JUSTICE would have been served if these inhumane generals serve their sentence as specifies by the court.

"24 cows are nothing compared to your hands!" Atem was quiet.I'm just heartbroken and outraged to see him in such a very bad situation made for him by just another fellow south Sudanese !

Please,If you're a journalist and you're interested in making this case known, don't hesitate to contact me !

Any sympathizer who wants to help the boy with finances, please, he needs a hand down!

If you have power, your intervention in helping transport the culprits to at least a bigger town like Juba , Rumbek or Wau where they can serve their jail term, is highly imperative!

Ruweng, small and remote as it is , is not capable of accommodating these high profile perpetrators! Anything can happen.

Kuol Mathubier, concerned citizen living in Rumbek, lakes state.

Tel: 0920822262

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