• Noah Issa Philip

Mundri veterans call for local government representation

Noah Issa Philip, Mundri

Wounded veterans in the former Amadi state have called on authorities to increase their inclusion and representation in local government across South Sudan.

Speaking to media on behalf of Mundri’s veterans, Capt. Charles Sebit said the veterans felt cheated and neglected by state and local government due to a lack of civic inclusion.

‘We heard that our governor is around, ministers have been appointed, county commissioners have been appointed and the Government almost formed. Yet, we are cheated for not being part of national and state government’, he asserted.

The sign to the former Amadi state veteran's office, Mundri town.

He further added that it was these wounded veterans who led the 22 year fight for independence, allowing citizens equal opportunities and treatment in the first place.

‘We wounded heroes and heroines have been neglected for long periods in all the government bodies. We want our government to know that we wounded are still available’, he added.

Sebit also pointed out that although a veteran’s office had opened in Mundri town, it was yet to receive a visit from any government official.

‘In greater Mundri we created our office long time ago but no government officers have officially come to visit us in the office’, Sebit claimed.

Greater Mundri has a significant number of wounded former servicemen, most of which are yet to receive any form of government aid.

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