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NAS dismiss key officers, rumours of mutiny


In a statement published last night, the National Salvation Army (NAS) have demoted and dismissed 9 senior officers amidst accusations of desertion, defection and mutiny.

Signed by Chief of General Staff Faiz Isamail Fatour, the letter alleges the 9 officers left their field posts in South Sudan to travel to Uganda with disgraced security officer Captain Isaac Moro. According to the NAS constitution, their trip to Uganda is an act desertion.

The letter also claims that the officers had 'active involvement in the [the] mobilisation of youth in refugee camps' for the sake of mutiny against the NAS.

The officers named and dismissed by the NAS.

The NAS' announcement comes at a time when the group is involved in a number of military operations across Equatoria. Although strongly denied by their press office, the NAS have been accused by local authorities of conducting recent attacks on civilians along the Juba-Yei road.

Sources close to the NAS suggest the officers remain in Uganda, though their allegiance and affiliations following the dismissal is yet unknown.

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