National Dialogue: in pictures


On 3rd November 2020, delegates from across South Sudan met in Freedom Hall, Juba, to come together and discuss the challenges facing the nation. With support from the African Union and the UN, the National Dialogue Conference has brought together politicians, civic activists, religious leaders and tribal chiefs from across the country.

Preparing for the conference, the leadership of the National Dialogue Committee met with H.E, Vice-President Taban Deng Gai at his office on 11/8/2020.

Delegates and guest speakers on the opening day, 3/11/2020.

"Each country conducts their own dialogue, South Sudan has conducted a process that suits the people of South Sudan." - David Shearer, UN, 3/11/2020

"We thank the Government of South Sudan for honouring its promise of supporting the National Dialogue process, and seeing it through to the end" Hon. Angelo Beda, Co-Chair of the ND Steering Committee. 11/3/2020

Day 2 of the National Dialogue Conference Agenda. Delegates are pictured passing the agenda, rules and procedures. 4/11/2020

The Committee on Day 2 of the Conference. 4/11/2020

Freedom Hall, Juba, packed with delegates from a range of regions, groups and interests. 5/11/2020

"I join the National Dialogue to forgive and to be forgiven. In order to find a pathway to sustainable peace, we have to heal historical trauma and injustices" H.E. Vice President, Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior. 5/11/2020

A focus group, discussing themes including state structure, the number of states, power sharing and land rights. 5/11/2020

"No security personnel should be affiliated to any political party, and there should be no appointment of any security personnel to political posts" Brig. Gen. Pierre Atilio Ekwa. 8/11/2020

Focus groups on day 7 of the conference, discussing security, sustainable peace and development. 10/11/2020

A breakaway focus group discussing the expedition of the implementation of the security arrangement (chapter 2) of the Revitalised Peace Agreement. 10/11/2020

Speeches on the re-alignment of the mandate of national security and the national security act 2013. 10/11/2020

"If there is no properly planned DDR(Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration) program, there will be no security sector reform. A Ministry of Veteran Affairs should be formed to take care of the veterans and also help coordinate the DDR" Gen. James Hoth Mai, SSPDF. 11/10/2020

The Conference continues.

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