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National Taskforce launches COVID database website


In a statement released earlier this week, the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) in Juba has announced the introduction of a national database website for COVID-19 testing.

Addressed to a number of Government ministries and foreign missions in the country, the NPHL have described the database as a useful tool for ‘consistency and continuation’ of testing efforts in South Sudan.

The database is to be based on VLSM software, a peer to peer network that allows information sharing between a number of connected computer terminals. The NPHL reports that the new database is supported by the American CDC, with support in implementation from ICAP.

Supported by the American CDC, testing facilities have been established at Juba's Public Health Laboratory

VLSM, an acronym for Variable Length Subnet Mask, has become an increasingly popular choice for nations and organisations seeking a digital response to the COVID pandemic. Through VLSM, testing results can be automatically shared directly from laboratories to health centres. From this, a number of tracking and analytical data can be extracted and used to combat virus spread.

An example of how VLSM software can help track and fight COVID

Given the NPHL’s letter to ministries and foreign missions, it has been suggested that other large scale employers in the country could expect similar recommendations concerning a centralised technological response.

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